• Brighton People
  • World War 1
  • A time and place
  • George Bridgewater, The Nine Year Old African Prodigy
  • Francis Barber 1735-1801

Welcome to Brighton and Hove Black History

Brighton and Hove Black History Project seeks to reveal Brighton and Hove’s hidden past and helps local people get involved in mapping their own history of Brighton and Hove.

We aim to, show how everyone (both black and white) can learn from each other and become more aware of Brighton and Hove’s cultural heritage and enable Black and minority people to represent their experiences.

History is a living thing which we can all contribute to!

What is Black History?

Black History focuses on the history of Asian, African and African Caribbean peoples. Since October 1987, many communities and organisations in the UK have celebrated Black History month in October, with activities such as lectures, conferences, concerts, dedicated web pages and specialist activities in the community, schools and libraries.

Brighton People


The stories of Black and Asian men and women and their connection to Brighton and Hove.

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A Time and Place


The experiences of nurses who were recruited by the NHS from the former colonies during the1950s and 1960s.

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The stories of Black and Asian Soldiers who fought during the First World War.

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