Brighton & Hove Black History

Revealing Brighton and Hove’s hidden past

14th Century

1580 Brighton Largest Fishing Fleet in the South Coast of England

Brighton’s fishing fleet grew very rapidly during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558 and 1603). By 1580, Brighton fleet consisted of 80 boats, 400 fishermen and 10,000 fishing nets, by 1665 much of the lower town of Brighton was… Continue Reading →

1559 Brighton became a Garrison Town

The lord of the manor made over to the inhabitants of Brighton a piece of land on the shore for the building of a Block House or Small Fort. It was erected at the Southern End of Middle Street, eventually… Continue Reading →

1514 Brighton Burnt to the Ground

During the reign of Henry VIII. The French landed at the Coast off Brighton and burnt the entire Town to the ground. The only building to survived the attack, was the Church on the Hill, Saint Nicholas’s Church. Leaving only… Continue Reading →

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