Brighton & Hove Black History

Revealing Brighton and Hove’s hidden past

18th century

Young slaves were in demand as household servants. They were popular with officers from the slave ships and with West Indian planters and merchants who returned from the colonies. Little Black pageboys in fancy clothes were fashionable status symbols for upper-class families. However, they became less desirable when they grew up and were abandoned.

1778 – George Bridgewater, The Nine Year Old African Prodigy

The talented 9 year old African violin prodigy George Polgreen Bridgetower was born in 1778, and died in London on February 29 1860. His father was an African prince who married a white European woman, named in English documents as… Continue Reading →

The Slave Trade and the Growth of the British Black Population

During the 18th century the slave trade dominated the British economy. It supplied fashionable society with sugar, chocolate, coffee and tea to consume, American cotton cloth to wear and tobacco to smoke. In the middle of the 18th century there… Continue Reading →

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