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earliest times

Pre Historic Brighton and Hove

Pre-history is divided into periods, The Stone Age, The Bronze Age, and The Iron Age. Pre-history means before written history, so what we know about our ancestors is through the objects they left behind. The discovers in 1911 of fragments… Continue Reading →

The Stone Age

It has been generally believed that some of our Neolithic predecessors were dark in complexion, as well as short. The Neolithic people lived on high grounds on Whitehawk Hill near the Brighton Race Course. These people belong to a race… Continue Reading →

The Bronze Age

Knowledge of the bronze period is derived form the graves contents and bronze implements that are discovered, and the lack of flint implements found. During the Bronze Age the custom was to burry the dead in circular grave moulds, shaped… Continue Reading →

The ‘Brighton Loop’

Found in a merchant’s hoard at Black Rock Brighton. together with a blade, and a finger ring, and two oval bronze bracelets. Two more pairs of loops were found in Hollingdean Brighton in 1825, another four pair of loops with… Continue Reading →

The Iron Age

The Iron Age begins with the popularisation of the use of iron from the Middle East, about 500 B.C. by another wave of immigrants form the Continent, bringing with them pottery and other goods, characteristic of the culture from which… Continue Reading →

The Romans in 43 A.D.

In 43 A.D. The Emperor Claudius of Rome sent an army to invade Britain. Roman Britain had begun. When the Romans invaded Britain they had to defend it against constant attack from Celtic tribes . To do this, the Romans… Continue Reading →

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