medi_lMediatrice has in Brighton and Hove for eight years. She is trained as a childminder and has recently been looking after her daughter. She went back to work in September.

What’s your favourite place in Brighton and Hove?

The beach. I love water, where I come from I was born near the lake. Just watching the movement of water makes me relax. And when it’s sunny I like lying on the beach.

How do you relax?

When I’ve got time I meet friends for a coffee or a tea and I go to the cinema with friends.

medi1What living person do you most admire?

I have always admired Bill Clinton. He is a nice person.

What do you think Black and Minority Ethnic people have contributed to Brighton and Hove?

There weren’t many Black and Minority Ethnic people before and I remember when we came here some people used touch my daughters hair and some children thinking we had coloured our skin.

I think now people know different kinds of people, I think this is good. By Black and Minority Ethnic people being in Brighton and Hove people learn about other cultures.