sarahlee_lSarah has been involved in community work since she arrived in Brighton in 1995. She has also worked at a researcher at the University of Sussex and she currently works at the BBC Southern Counties Radio. She is the treasurer of Brighton and Hove Black History group and has been volunteering for the group for the past five years.

What’s your favourite place in Brighton and Hove?

I love the seafront by the west pier .. I also like walking up and down St James St. I am drawn to the places in Brighton which still retain a strong local feel and character…however my favourite place has to be my own back garden. I love digging and being close to nature!

How do you relax?

I like cycling and painting and watching star trek although it has to be Star Trek voyager!

sarah1What would your motto be?

Carpe Diem—Seize the day—life is too precious to waste!!!

What do you think Black and minority Ethnic people have contributed to Brighton and Hove?

I can’t answer this question because I would not know where to start. Brighton and Hove simply wouldn’t exist in the way it does without the contribution of BME people.