terri_ltTerri has been in Brighton and Hove for about 18 years. She looks after her disabled partner and the members of his family.

What’s your favourite place in Brighton and Hove?

That’s a place called Summer Down. It is up behind the Devil’s Dyke.

How do you relax?

Going for long walks, that’s the most relaxing thing for me. If I try and sit still I don’t relax. When I’m walking everything clears out of my head. I go walking up on the Downs or just generally take a long walk to the  supermarket.

What would you change about Brighton and Hove?

I’d like to see the people in charge of this town think more about the actual people and the communities of the town rather than just making money. And
actually look more sensibly about what’s needed in the town.


I think what I’m most proud of is my achievement in raising the profile of Black women among the Trade Unions. I originally started off as Branch Organiser and then I realised that there were hardly any other women there. And there certainly weren’t any other Black and Minority Ethnic women who were involved. So I started campaigning through the Civil Service Women’s Group most of whose meetings were in London and the majority of women who came to those meetings were Black and Minority Ethnic. I think we made ourselves very obvious mainly by being very loud, I seem to remember at the time, but you had to be to get noticed.